The Problem

High financial stakes for luxury brands today

CFOs know that producing, distributing and selling luxury products requires time, different suppliers, partners and customers, and working capital.

Poor forecasting can drastically affect the bottom line, as it requires companies to change course quickly, a major challenge in the luxury sector with long production times and complex supply chains.

In order to succeed, CFOs need to take charge and help their companies and value chains gain more data-based market visibility to make better decisions and reduce the cost of working capital. This approach not only allows Luxury brands to be more agile, but reduces waste and frees up working capital.

The solution

What is Anastima?


A knowledge graph to create a richer, deeper model of global Luxury demand.


AI Model Rating to help you judge the level of risk associated with a forecast.


Proprietary AI engine to predict demand at the SKU and store level.


Company Stress Testing: Create scenarios about market situations to stress test your company and access financing solutions based on future demand.

How Anastima helps CFOs in Luxury leverage AI for more accurate & agile financial planning

How Anastima helps CFOs in Luxury leverage AI for more accurate & agile financial planning

Successful luxury brands need to budget conservatively and seize opportunities at the same time.

While these two objectives may seem contradictory, they don’t have to be. Understanding the evolution of demand for each product in each region is the building block on which every financial model is built.

Solid foundations make better models.

Anastima leverages the latest Data Science technology to allow you to see further

  1. Your company data combined with market data creates rich models which understand all factors that can impact your business.
  2. Our proprietary AI engine allows us to deliver precise forecasting models and calculate estimates at the SKU level, even for products that are not sold by the millions.
  3. Each model is given an accuracy rating for each SKU, so that you can know how precise the model is per product forecast.

Anastima is unique thanks to

Our focus

We combine our data science expertise with subject matter expertise to produce forecasting models which make business sense.

Our transparency

Each forecast is combined with a rating so that you can know how much risk is associated with any estimate.

Our Value-Obsessed Mindset

We believe AI is only valuable when your teams use it to guide strategic decisions and unlock working capital by optimizing sales, reducing inventory and investing where it counts.